Reconstruction of a B24 pattern from grave 571

Grave 571 is a 10th century grave, containing among other items a tiny silk and silver band, with a simple pattern. There are a few special things about it:

First and foremost, it was woven in a different way then (probably) all the rest of the Birka bands. It was woven using 11 tablets (4 holes threaded), 3 tablets at each side make the border – there is no “stave border” . They are threaded “in pairs” (meaning probably SZS or ZSZ) and turned 1/4. 5 tablets are used for the pattern section, but – these 5 tablets were not turned 1/4 forwards or backwards, instead they were turned 1/2 forward and than backward, making the band ticker in comparison to others. (Geijer 1938, p. 89-90)

This band is only 6 mm wide, so very narrow, and originally it was used double, that is two bands were used, parallel to each other, on the head, as can be seen on the drawing from the grave dig.

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