Kragelund tunic

The Kragelund tunic is a bog find, dated to 1040-1155 (or circa 1100). The following photo and pattern come from this site: An alternative pattern can be found here:     I have adapted this pattern to the size and shape of the client, who is very tall and slim. I have also changed the…

The Kostrup band

The woolen, tablet woven band with a woolen brocade, found in Kostrup, is a fascinating find. The most comprehensive information can be found here: Following the description, I used 4-hole tablets with only 2 holes threaded. My wool was too thin, so my band has only 11 mm width, while the original is 14 mm…

Brocaded band from Pień

A while ago, in one of the articles on about the discoveries from Pień, Poland, this grave find was mentioned (for example here) – a silk band, brocaded with gold-foil wrapped thread, dated to second half of 10th century – first quarter of 11th century. It was used as a belt and found on…

Earlier works

You can usually buy my works through my shop on Etsy, Daily Viking, and order a custom made item there. Sigríðr choker – viking age art inspired Haithabu choker – Viking Age Jellinge style inspired Autumn Forest Elven Necklace

Linen on linen embroidery from St. Ludmila grave in Prague

St. Ludmila, the first Duchess of Bohemia, died in 921. In 925 her remains were translated to Prague. After that her tomb was moved several times more.[1] Święta Ludmiła, pierwsza księżna Czech, zmarła w 921 r. W 925 jej szczątki zostały przeniesione do Pragi. W kolejnych wiekach jej grób był jeszcze kilkakrotnie przenoszony.[1] The tomb…

Tablet woven belt with B6 pattern

    My friend saw my small B6 band and asked if I could make her a woolen belt like that. It’s not for reenactment, that’s why it’s so wide. Pattern from grave 965 at Birka. It’s 2,5 meters long,

B 23

3 meters long, 13 mm wide. All the way the tablets turned in one direction. Based on the find from grave 750 in Birka.