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  1. Arghael says:

    Dear Alicja,
    Your artwork is so fantastic, I am freezed, my name is Arghaël I make drawings, I live in Paris, I was wondering if you sell some of your artwork like the B 23 and others in sewing ?, and if so do you ship ? Anyway this is so powerful and full of vibes and that’s what counts…Beauttiful Alicja !


    1. Wow, I am so sorry I did not see your comment earlier. Last year I was quite busy with my dissertation, that’s coming to an end on November 26th. First of all – thank you very much ❤ I do actually make things to order. Starting November 27th I will reorganize this page, and everything should become more clear. I have an etsy shop (look for "dailyviking") where the bands or other stuff can be ordered. I am really sorry about this very late reply, I did not mean to ignore you, I just missed the notification about your comment, so sorry!


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